Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain campaign strongly denies rumors of Palin affair

John McCain's presidential campaign has strongly denied an extramarital affair that the National Enquirer has alleged that Sarah Palin had with her husband's business partner.

Generally speaking, the National Enquirer has a poor record of accuracy, but did score a major coup in its coverage of John Edwards' extramarital affair, a story which Edwards' initially denied as false. The Edwards affair story sparked massive coverage in the mainstream media, and especially in right wing media outlets, who gloried in Edwards' fall from grace.

Now the McCain campaign appears to be on a collision course with the National Enquirer, promising a lawsuit if the tabloid proceeds with the story. For its part, the National Enquirer has promised a fuller treatment of the story in next week's edition of the grocery store checkout line staple.

A few weeks ago this story would have been dismissed out of hand, but since breaking the Edwards' story, the Enquirer has acquired just a whisker of credibility. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


vachatterus said...

When you can't do anything else, you resort to dirt and trash.

Typical democratic reaction to ignore a historic speech.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Well, I can see this touches a nerve, but there are some tings to consider:

1) This has nothing to do with Democrats, this is a message put out by John McCain in response to the National Enquirer. No Democrats are involved in this dispute.

2) I made note in my post the the National Enquirer is typically unreliable.

3) I could show you hundreds, if not thousands of mean spirited attacks by Republicans on John Edwards (somewhat understandable) and on his sick wife (pretty wretched if you ask me). Republicans we cheering out loud for the National Enquirer just a couple of weeks ago. What happened to change your opinion?

4) I didn't ignore her "historic" speech: I have no less than three posts related to it.

5) If John McCain didn't want these kinds of stories to surface in tabloids then he should have vetted Sarah Palin better and/or picked Tim Pawlenty.