Saturday, September 20, 2008

John McCain cannot hide from his record

Something amazing has happened in the last week. With the sudden collapse of Wall Street, Americans everywhere are waking up to the fact that John McCain is a Republican, and Republicans don't believe in regulating things like Wall Street. What little regulation that exists on Wall Street happens because Democrats put it there and have fought a desparate rear-guard to keep Republicans from completely doing away with these laws. The Federal agencies charged with the enforcement of these laws are stacked with Bush appointtees. And the Republican running to replace Bush, John McCain, has admitted time and time again that there is little or no difference between him and George W. Bush.

John McCain is trying to pretend he's never heard of George W. Bush or the Republican Party. He has forgotten about Youtube and the Obama campaign.

John McCain can't run from his past, he can't run from his record, and he can't run from the mess created by the Republican Party's failure to carry out proper oversight.

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