Thursday, September 04, 2008

Joe Klein: McCain campaign trying to bully the press

Joe Klein takes the McCain campaign to task for its whiny, bullying behavior. Here's a taste:
The story of the day out here in Minneapolis is the McCain campaign's war against the press. This has been building for some time. Those of us who have criticized the candidate--and especially those of us who enjoyed good relations with McCain in the past--have been subject to off-the-record browbeating and attempted bullying all year. But things have gotten much worse in recent days: there was McCain's rude, bizarre interview with Time Magazine last week. Yesterday, McCain refused to an interview with Larry King, for God's sake, because Campbell Brown had been caught in the commission of journalism on CNN the night before, asking McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds what decisions Sarah Palin had made as commander-in-chief of the Alaska national guard. ["Angry Amateurs"]
You need to read this entire article. I hope that other journalists will heed Klein's call to stand strong in the face of intimidation. If McCain wins the presidency by silencing the press, we are all in deep trouble.

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