Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's official: The Palin pick has hurt John McCain

Sometimes a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words. Sometimes a pick speaks volumes.

If you look at the chart above from Pollster.com, you will see that, until quite recently, both Barack Obama and John McCain were both enjoying a surge in support. This "double bounce" isn't unusual: Labor Day weekend is when people start paying attention and choosing sides. It's also not surprising that Barack Obama's upward bounce was a bit steeper than McCain's: Obama was enjoying his post-convention bounce after a strong acceptance speech. McCain had every right to look forward to a similar shot in the arm once his convention was over.

But then the Palin choice fell apart. McCain made the most important decision of his campaign without bothering to completely vet Sarah Palin. She has been caught in several lies. She's under an ethics investigation . . . and there's other stuff too.

The Palin choice was a poor one, it reflects poorly on John McCain's judgment, and voters are punishing him for it.

So far this week has been a disaster for McCain. The first part of the Republican National Convention was blown by McCain's attempt to milk Hurricane Gustav. Many delegates thought the convention would be canceled and didn't bother to show up. Others, like Virginia's own Thelma Drake have folded tents and gone home. Will Republicans be able to fill the seats at their convention?

This means that everything hinges on John McCain's acceptance speech, and we all know just how great a speechmaker John McCain is.

Be sure to visit Pollster.com for great information on polling and electoral vote projections.


JTylerBallance said...

Having lived and worked in Alaska, my first reaction to the Palin pick was, WTF?

Then when I saw so many GOP operatives lining up to give her a big smooch on the backside, without even knowing a thing about her rather checkered past, it turned my stomach.

Both parties have sycophants who will coo the party line and parrot the talking points, but it is sickening to watch, especially when those doing the most cooing don't have a clue about their anointed VP candidate.

Its a sad day for America. Both parties have failed the People. In these challenging times we need visionary leadership from a President who has real solutions to the real problems; not just a bunch of feel good platitudes.

Both of the major Parties have given us the candidates who focus groups and market research say we want, neither have supplied the quality of leader who we need.

The Richmond Democrat said...

While I empathize with you over your party's dilemma, I must respectfully disagree with your estimation of Obama.

I think he will pleasantly surprise a lot of people if he is elected.