Monday, September 01, 2008

Forget the vice presidency: does Sarah Palin even want to be an American?

Before Sarah Palin joined the Republican Party she was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, a fringe group that wants Alaska to secede from the United States. Why did Palin join the Republican Party? The Alaska Independence Party's plans include infilitrating the major parties in order to advance the AIP's agenda: the separation of Alaska from the United States.

Let's take a minute and meet the AIP, shall we? Here's some footage from a 2007 secessionist convention earlier this year in Tennessee.

That's Dexter Clark, one of the AIP's vice chairmen. Let's focus in a bit on something Mr. Clark says in this video:
Our current governor, we mentioned at the last conference, the one we were hoping would get elected, Sarah Palin, did get elected. There’s a joke, she’s a pretty good looking gal, there’s a joke goes around we’re the coldest state with the hottest governor. And there was a lot of talk about her moving up. She was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town – that was a non-partisan job. But you get along to go along – she eventually joined the Republican Party . . .

You should infiltrate-–I know the Christian Exodus is in favor of it, the Free State [Project] is in favor of it--I don’t think they even care which party it is. Whichever party in that area you can get something done, get into that political party, even though it does have its problems. Right now that is one of the only avenues. And you get a few people on a city council or a [cough] town authority, and you can have some effect.
Just for the sake of context, let's review: Christian Exodus is a Christian secessionist group promoting a mass emigration of fundamentalist Christians to South Carolina with the goal of influencing politics in the state. The Free State Project is a similar movement by Libertarians to take control of the government of New Hampshire, but it does not appear to be an explicitly secessionist movement.

Let's continue with more of this meeting:

A lot of this is just rambling secessionist jibberish, but one sentence does leap out:
[T]he longer this situation continues, the harder it’s going to become for a peaceful solution.
So the AIP doesn't advocate the violent overthrow of the government of the United States . . . yet.

So what is Sarah palin's role in the AIP? We've seen Vice Chairman Dexter Clark claim Governor Palin as one of the AIP's "infiltrators." But is there any visible, tangible link between Palin and this group that it openly advocating secession (and perhaps treason)?

What if she chose to address this convention and praised the organization? Would that picque your interest?

Just so you didn't miss any of that, here's the transcript, bolding added for emphasis:
I’m Governor Sarah Palin and I am delighted to welcome you to the 2008 Alaskan Independence Party Convention in the golden heart city of Fairbanks. Your party plays an important role in our state’s politics. I’ve always said that competition is so good, and that applies to political parties as well. I share your party’s vision of upholding the constitution of our great state. My administration remains focused on reining in government growth so individual liberty and opportunity can expand. I know you agree with that. We have a great promise to be a self-sufficient state, made up of the hardest-working, most grateful Americans in our nation. So as your convention gets underway I hope that you all are inspired by remembering that all those years ago, it was in this same city that Alaska’s constitution was born. And it was founded on hope and trust and liberty and opportunity. I carry that message of opportunity forward in my administration, as we continue to move our state ahead and create positive change. So I say good luck on a successful and inspiring convention. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.
That sounds like an endorsement to me. So let me ask a simple question: does it make sense to elect someone vice president of a country she does not want to be a part of?

Of course, if John McCain had vetted Sarah Palin he'd know that she wants Alaska to secede from the United States and become an independent country.

Hat Tip: Liz Arnett at DailyKos


Alter of Freedom said...

There is plenty of "downstaters" as the Raising Kaine liberal crowd like to call us that would just a soon let NOVA go the way of its own as well.

If you have ever been to Alaska and based on the recent posts you have not and know very little about the people there, there as always been that rhetoric. Alaskans and Hawaiians are similar in that they are and have always been very different than the lower 48. The live differently and think differently. Thats why I love it when liberals paint it as if Alaska and Palin have no environmental policy. It the strcitest in the nation; more so than liberal bastions of MA or NY. The people there are directly tied to the environment and those that try for political gain to assume that because its a pro-oil state that its week on the environment is either ignorant or just has not taken the time to care enough about anyhting other than their own talking points.

Fact is Palin sells well in SW Virginia, Central Virginia, Northern Neck and Chesapeake and will not to those in the major cities like Richmond and Norfolk and parts of VA Beach/Suffolk and NOVA.

I wonder why that is? According to the liberal is b/c us "downstaters" are all clinging to our guns and our religions I guess.

Friend for Life said...

Please take note that the first video is not of an AIP convention... It was taped in Tennessee in October of 2007. Thank you.

Keith said...

I was there at the 2007 Secessionist Convention where Dexter Clark made that speech. That did really surprise me when I heard about Sarah Palin being the VP running mate. “Being an American” does not mean giving slavish jingoistic allegiance to the federal government. Historically, real Americans valued independence and the virtues of self-government at the State and local level. I hope that America can return to that someday, and cast off the meddling business of globalist imperialism. The Soviet Union went bankrupt, and peacefully returned some measure of self-government to various client States. I believe that America would be better off if we did the same.

Keith Humphrey
Executive Director,

Bull79D said...

If this is true, than McCain may have just gotten my vote.