Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CBS News: Palin in "virtual seclusion"

Sarah Palin has canceled all her campaign events at the Republican National Convention. Here is CBS Nightly News' coverage of the story:


JTylerBallance said...

For the good of the Party, Tammy Faye Palin should just withdraw.

However, even if McCain can convince her to leave, everyone now knows what monumentally poor judgment McCain has.

Who will replace Palin? Dan Quayle?!

All we Republicans can hope for now is that Obama doesn't completely screw-up the Republic over the next four years.

Perhaps we will get a really good President in 2012.

The Richmond Democrat said...

McCain really has put himself into a place where there is no good option. If he lets Palin stay on the ticket, he has to absorb all her negatives. If he drops her, he has to admit he was wrong and failed to vet her.

Also, if he drops her, who would want the nomination then? Would Pawlenty or Romney really want the nomination then?

I suppose one of them would do it for the good of your party, but I doubt either would be happy about it.

I think Obama will do just fine. He seems to have a talent for seeking out good advisers and good advice, and then taking the good advice.