Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Washington Post covers Wootengate

Sarah Palin's Wottengate scandal is gaining traction in the mainstream media. At its heart, the scandal is about abuse of power, about an inexperienced governor using her office to settle a personal score and interfere in a divorce and child custory case.

The Washington Post has two articles up regarding Wootengate:

"Palin Focus of Probe In Police Chief's Firing"

"Monegan to Palin: 'Ma'am, I Need to Keep You At Arm's Length'"

To me, the most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that it is an ongoing investigation. That is to say, no one really knows at this point how great the damage could be. This could be a minor speed bump, or it could be a devastating scandal. Why did John McCain gamble on someone with a huge question mark over her head? Was her vetting process bungled? Or did McCain know about it in advance and accept the risk?

Either way, it can't be comforting to the McCain campaign to have The Washinton Post, a paper with a national audience and a strong influence in several key swing states this year, covering this story in detail. The details in "Palin Focus of Probe In Police Chief's Firing" appear to be particularly damning.


Alter of Freedom said...

Yeah. Ever been to Alaska or know anything about Alaskan politics. These cronnies finally decide to launch an investigation...what a surprise.

An investigation by the legislature of Alaska is a compliment. Its the most corrupt body on both sides in the Union which is why her election from the outside was so remarkable.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Actually the investigation was launched a month ago:

That's what's so surprising to me: either McCain did a terrible job of vetting her and didn't see this, or he did vet her and decided to accept this risk. He would have been better off, safer with Pawlenty.

Alter of Freedom said...

Exactly, after decades of corruption the insiders "finally" decide to launch an investigation on this and not the real corruption of public funds by the legislature. Her approval rating speaks volumes so the context is compared to those in the legislature she has an 80% approval rating for cleaning it up there and the insiders are peeved. Go figure.
It would be the equivalent of someone from the outside ij the City of Richmond get elected and fight to actually clena the Council and City government which is broken. How far would they get in Richmond before they become a target.

I say what I saw this morning with Pawlenty on NBC he can stay in MN. Boring Boring Boring!!!!!

The Richmond Democrat said...

Ummm, Alter, she fired Monegan on July 11, 2008. They couldn't investigate something that happened yet. They announced the investigation a couple of weeks after it happened, after she denied involvement, and after tapes surfaced that proved her involvement.

I think you need to read up on this incident, because it's pretty troubling and not something that can be spun away.

Alter of Freedom said...

There is nothing there. Look at the individuals up there pushing for the investigations and exactly who they have been aligned with in politics. Can you honestly tell me now if she was not the VP selection that you would actually find these guys credible.
Exactly what was the result of the Whitewater "investigation" on the Clintons? Zilch. It was a witch hunt expedition brought about by Party politcis contributed by folks from Arkansas with a axe to grind over the Clintons as well. Same scenario in AK.
The equivalent of such legislative "investigations" is like voting "present" in the IL legislature; its a political tactic pure and simple.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Look, this investigation was launched a month before she was nominated by McCain for vice president. Are you suggesting that the legislature of Alaska knew McCain would nominate her before McCain did?

Something else to consider: the vote to appoint a special investigator was unanimous and bipartisan. I know you want to make this out to be some kind of anti-Palin conspiracy, but the facts just aren't there to support your "reasoning."

Alter of Freedom said...

My point that your missing is the Alaska is like the City of Richmond City Council of old for god sakes. Its the most corrupt body in the Union and as been for awhile. Even their federal offcials are corrupt. Thats the point.

It has nothing to do with the nomination. It would not matter at all if she was never selected.

Its about settling scores and offending those that wanted and supported the bridge to nowhere earmark for example which to them cost them billions. She has gone after the corruption and has peeved people off that ARE corrupt on both sides---thats the point.

She is an outsider that the long standing insiders could not manage to defeat in the election. She is an open wound to the good ole boy politics in Alaska.

BTW how many woman serve in State government in Alaska. Looks to me like a boys club.