Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Post: McCain lied about Obama's planned visit to Landstuhl Hospital

In a shocking, shocking development, a mainstream media outlet has actually done some fact checking on one of John McCain's despicable, dishonest attacks on Barack Obama:
In fact, there's no proof that Obama ever sought to bring the media or any entourage.

In essence, the McCain charge is this: Obama cares so little for the welfare of wounded American soldiers that he canceled the visit when he was informed he could not bring reporters and television cameras to document it.

But there is no evidence that Obama ever planned to bring anyone to the hospital other than a single military adviser, whose status as a campaign staffer sparked last-minute concern among Pentagon officials that the visit would be an improper political event. The Obama campaign has cited those concerns as the reason for canceling Obama's visit.
While the Washington Post never comes out directly and says it, their conclusion is obvious: McCain is lying about Obama's record.

This is an amazing development, a thunderclap in the night, a game changing twist: if the mainstream media actually begins fact checking what John McCain says and then reports it . . . well, it could radically change the course of this election.

Read the Washington Post's coverage of this story here.

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