Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kate Obenshain embarassed on FOX

Update (December 30, 2008): She's done it again.

Wow, if you ever wondered how it was that Kate Obenshain (Griffin) flew the Republican Party of Virginia into the ground, just watch this video.

David Sirota just crushes Obenshain. Even on FOX News, where the moderator is doing everything she can to help Kate Obenshain, she still gets crushed. You can tell that the producer has cut this segment short; after seeing Sirota crush Obenshain, the moderator ends the interview quickly by going to commercial.

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James Young said...

A whiner says we're not a "nation of whiners." Color me surprised.

JTylerBallance said...

I was waiting to be interviewed to be a National Convention Delegate, when a Party zealot came up to me and started yelling about how mad he was at me for supporting John Miller for Senate down in the First District. He seemed to be putting on a performance for onlookers more than saying anything we both hadn't already discussed. I calmly explained (again) that I had known John since I was a teenager and I would always support a man of such high character for public office, over someone who just happened to have the R after their name.

After witnessing the zealot's boorish outburst, Kate Obenshain came over and apologized indicating that she was embarrassed to have someone like that as part of the GOP. I explained that the fellow and I just had a difference of opinion and no harm had been done.

Such concern for polite, civil discourse is typical of Kate Obenshain.

Kate Obenshain has spent her life advocating for good government here in Virginia. She is someone who has the polished good manners, quite rare in America, yet common among good Virginians (from all political persuasions), that allow her to disagree with political adversaries, yet still remain civil and indeed friendly towards them.

Activists from both major parties recognize the value of promoting thoughtful discourse. People today talk of how Tip O'Neal and Reagan used to hotly disagree at meetings, yet still go together for a drink afterward. Some call that "old school" politics. However, in the Twenty-First Century, I would like to see more of this sort of behavior returned among our political factions.

America is facing some very tough challenges. We need to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, or at least mutual tolerance, for those with a different view.

The media is part of the problem. They barrage us with short sound bite "reports" with short bursts from studio guests, rather than spending an hour methodically discussing ideas and alternatives.

Kate Obenshain has tried her best to serve the Republican side and Virginia to the best of her ability. Even from those on the Democratic side, she deserves to be treated with the courtesy that we reserve for a Lady of Virginia.

tnllanning said...

Nobody crushed anybody in that exchange. Very misleading post.

Bryan said...

Obenshain is the kind of Republican who will spend the next 8 years criticizing Barack Obama. After all, he's going to be in the oval office.

Ron said...

Gotta agree with tnllanning. Kate Obenshain was definitely NOT crush nor embarrassed. It's quite interesting that this blogger thought she was. If anything, David Sirota showed his rudeness when he simply started talking over Obenshain before she was finished when she had given him the courtesy of letting him speak. Sirota is the one who should have been embarrassed though I doubt his ego would allow him to recognize that he should have been embarrassed.

ThatGuyJay said...

I think you and the guy in the vid are playing hard and fast with the rules.

There is not exactly and equivalency between "the bush tax cuts" the "the bush economic policy".

Although the tax cuts are part of the economic policy he is trying to tie the girls into the whole cluster F*** of bushes other policies whne they are just talking about the tax cuts.

so much for the "burn".

AZ Bear said...

Crushed? I think not.
Was he rude and silly. Sure.
It's sad to see smart people use their prep school education to promote simple minded theories. Yup. The nasty republicans are out to screw the masses. If this poor fellow, bent on promoting his book, had ever had a real job, or his own business, he would understand more about life. Confined to peddling his victim-speak to the huddled masses, his best move was to pick that title. It might better describe the likely backlash in four years.
Kate is sharp, undeterred, and was far from crushed. Go Kate!

The Richmond Democrat said...

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