Monday, July 14, 2008

Great speech by Hillary Clinton

I really enjoyed this speech by Hillary Clinton. I think she's working hard to unify the Democratic Party behind Barack Obama.

I think Hillary Clinton is reaching out to her former supporters, the so-called PUMAs, who are now betraying everything Hillary stood for. There are only two kinds of PUMAs: undercover Republicans who are part of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos and their dupes--former Democrats who were well-meaning, but were fooled into abandoning their party by an appeal to a kind of cult of personality. It's now clear that Hillary Clinton rejects that kind of "support" from people who are undermining everything she stands for.


sanrioscenario said...

Hillary Clinton's recent announcement that she'll be peddling $50 tee shirts with an obnoxiously inspirational/bitter slogan is both annoying and sad. Besides, if she's got to sell stuff, it might as well be cool, or practical, like a Husband GPS Tracking System to keep an eye on Bill, or a handy watch that tells you when it's time to concede...

spotter said...

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton show her good faith by disavowing the need for a roll call vote at the convention?

As I see it, she directly caused this impasse by pandering to the dwindling minority of so-called PUMAs by threatening to "go all the way to the convention."

She needs to say "Barack Obama won, fair and square. Anyone who still claims to back me should be backing Barack Obama. That's who I support."

While she's at it, maybe she could disavow her shameful "hardworking white Americans" comment, and Geraldine Ferraro's comments, as well as her ridiculous claims of sexism.

I don't worry for a moment that these hardcore Clinton apologists will gain any traction. Though they claim to be 18 million strong, 18 is more like it. I do worry that it's a mindless distraction that we can ill afford.

Just for once, I'd like to see a Clinton, any Clinton, show some leadership. Just once.