Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Angry McCain lashes out at veteran

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of stories about John McCain's temper. Here's a little recent video evidence:

Wow! Watch McCain stalk back and forth as he tries to evade that veteran's question. Why didn't he answer the man's question? He's a veteran: don't veterans deserve straight answers from Senator "straight talk"? Instead, it looks like it is all McCain can do to keep himself from physically attacking the man.

In the highly unlikely event that McCain is elected, I think we can look forward to more staged events where the crowd is carefully filtered to remove any potential dissenters. Just like McCain's mentor, George W. Bush.

HT: Raising Kaine


Grozet said...

huh? where was the temper?

JTylerBallance said...

It is exactly that John McCain is not a pussy, that I want him as our President.

Just because he is a candidate doesn't mean he has to take crap from every dork that passes along, especially when people are being sent by the opposition specifically to try and force a "Macaca" moment.

It is clear by now that the Democratic strategy is aimed at painting Senator McCain as old and angry. I guess you have market research that indicates such a ploy may resonate, but as for me, the fact that McCain still can demonstrate his verbal jousting skills with all comers, is yet another reason why he will be a superior choice as our President.

It is too bad we here this sort of label warfare, rather than a sincere debate about who is manipulating the gasoline market, what can be done to restore American jobs and what are some successful strategies to ensure our energy independence by the year 2020.

Democrats and Republicans out here in the real world are sick of campaign tricks and bullshit. This Nation needs leadership with real answers to the real problems that we all face. Democrats and Republicans must unite and demand that our candidates focus on honest debates about the reality in which we live.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Where's the anger? It was all McCain could do to keep from screaming at that veteran to get off his lawn.

I think it's great that McCain is wasting money having his staffers troll blogs.

There's no way you can shield McCain until November: he will self-destruct. There's too much anger and too little self-discipline.

He's tempermentally unfit to be president.

JTylerBallance said...

Many of us try to promote an honest exchange of ideas and observations via these blogs. On some fronts progress is being made. For example on some blogs one sees political leaders properly being addressed with formal titles and correct names, rather than with slurs, like referring to former Governor Warner as, "Marky Mark" as I recently saw on one of the lower blogs.

If this is to be a credible blog, and not just a propaganda site, then you must accept that some may disagree on certain points, yet agree on others.

That some like Senator McCain's temperament, and you do not, is a matter of personality preference.

Most of us would prefer that the space here be devoted to comparing real ideas put forth by the candidates that address real issues like fuel prices, jobs, ending the war and returning our government back to within its Constitutional limits.

OK, so John McCain is too masculine for your tastes, but for those of us who prefer a no BS kind of man for President, it doesn't make us, "staffers trolling [for McCain]" it just means that we like that facet of his overall character.

John McCain will be a President that both Democrats and Republicans will be happy with. We will probably find some issues where we disagree with him, but none of us will doubt that this man truly loves the United States and will always act on behalf of the citizens' best interests.

You won't see John McCain kissing and holding hands with Saudi princes and he won't be fleeing to an "undisclosed location" during times of crisis.

I am not on the McCain (or anyone's else's) staff, but I would be proud to have flown in his squadron and I will be proud to have John McCain as our next Commander-in-Chief.

Now, let's have a polite exchange of ideas on issues...