Friday, June 13, 2008

With the nation teetering on the edge of a depression, McCain admits he knows nothing about economics

The economy is shaping up as the critical issue for this year's presidential election, and John McCain admits he knows little or nothing about the subject:
That subject area might be the economy, an area McCain said he has never been completely comfortable with.

"The issue of economics is something that I've really never understood as well as I should. I understand the basics, the fundamentals, the vision, all that kind of stuff,'' he said. "But I would like to have someone I'm close to that really is a good strong economist. As long as Alan Greenspan is around I would certainly use him for advice and counsel."

McCain said his staff hates it when he discusses his shortcomings on economics, even though he has read widely and studied the subject.

"I've never been involved in Wall Street, I've never been involved in the financial stuff, the financial workings of the country, so I'd like to have somebody intimately familiar with it," he said of a potential vice president.

"All of us bring strengths and weaknesses to an office and you want to compliment your weaknesses," he said. "That's not an admission of failure, it's just the best way to govern."[1]
MCain is wrong on Iraq and completely out of touch on the economy. Why is is he running for president?

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