Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How do you define the term "pointless campaign"?

Let's talk pointless campaigns. These are the campaigns that are total wastes of time, campaigns that really probably should not even be run and will almost certainly result in embarrassing defeat for the politicians foolish enough to mount them. Try to imagine the most pointless campaign in Virginia this year . . . okay, got one?

Now I bet a lot of you are imagining former Governor Jim Gilmore's quest for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator John Warner. If you are, you are wrong. No my friends, the most pointless political campaign being waged in Virginia this year is Paul Goldman's quixotic run for the Mayor of Richmond.

Most of you remember Goldman as a former political adviser to Doug Wilder. A few of you might remember Goldman as a fellow blogger for the weeks he spent as a house blogger at WWBT-12 in Richmond, Virginia. During his brief tenure as the only Democratic blogger on a site that features at least two Republican bloggers, Goldman devoted much of his writing to posting vicious attacks on Barack Obama, now the presumptive Democratic candidate for the presidency.

Here's a fun fact for Paul Goldman: Barack Obama won Richmond in the February 12th Democratic primary with 78.68% of the Democratic vote. Good luck with your campaign Mr. Goldman.

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