Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does McCain have a blog problem in Virginia?

On Monday, June 9th, Senator John McCain came to Richmond, Virginia for a busy day of fundraising. His visit wasn't covered by a single Republican blogger in Virginia. Contrast McCain's visit with Barack Obama's general election campaign kick-off rally in Northern Virginia on June 5th: tens of thousands of Virginians attended along with several of Virginia's most prominent Democratic bloggers.

Does John McCain have a blogger problem in Virginia?

It appears so. McCain did not have a single Republican blogger in Virginia supporting him during the Republican primaries. He does not seem to have picked up any since claiming the Republican nomination. Virginia Republicans claim to think they can hold Virginia for the Republican Party this year. Now, I don't want to exaggerate the influence of blogs, but McCain's lack of active supporters online may put him at a significant disadvantage. McCain is campaigning without air cover.

The explanation is obvious: Virginia's Republican bloggers are almost uniformly against amnesty for illegal aliens and McCain has shown himself to be among the most ardent advocates in Congress for this controversial policy. A victory for McCain would be a huge victory for the open borders wing of the Republican Party.

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