Sunday, April 06, 2008

Clinton agrees to stop using hospital story: spokesperson admits story not vetted

Hillary Clinton's spokesperson has admitted that the story she told about a hospital in Ohio was not true and was not properly vetted before it was used on the campaign trail. Mo Elleithee told
"Candidates are told stories by people all the time, and it's common for candidates to retell those stories. It's not always possible to fully vet them, but we try. For example, medical records are confidential. In this case, we tried but weren't able to fully vet the story," he said.

Elleithee added, "If the hospital claims it didn't happen that way, we certainly respect that, and she won't repeat the story."

"She never mentions the hospital by name and isn't trying to cast blame. She tells this story because it illustrates the point that we have a very serious health care problem in America. That's a point very few people will dispute."[1]
While the hospital was not mentioned by name, people in the community where the hospital is located recognized the details of the story and were understandably concerned that the hospital for their area might be denying patients' much needed care. It was in response to these questions that the hospital went public with its response.

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