Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wisconsin and Hawaii: Two more big victories for Obama!

Barack Obama has added two more victories to his string of post-Super Tuesday wins--a total of ten in a row now.


Obama - 58.1%
Clinton - 40.7%


Obama - 76%
Clinton - 24%

Now we head into a two week "home stretch" in which Obama and Clinton will take their campaigns to Ohio and Texas. Obama brings a tremendous amount of momentum into these contests.

By contrast, the Clinton campaign is now dealing with a minor scandal of its own creation. The Clinton campaign misrepresented one of Barack Obama's speeches as plagiarism and then promoted the false story aggressively repeatedly. Then, when she was asked if she was behind the story, Hillary Clinton lied about it.

Clinton attempted this plagiarism smear in an attempt to make Obama stumble just before Wisconsin and Hawaii. As the numbers above indicate, the story had little or no impact.

Now Clinton must deal with the backlash from her dirty trick and being caught in a lie, just as she tries to motivate her campaign for the big push in Texas and Ohio. Voters are sick of these cheap, negative tricks and Clinton will pay a price for resorting to them.

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