Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tracking Clinton's attacks on Obama

One story the mainstream media has largely chosen to ignore this year has been Hillary Clinton's systematic smear campaign against her primary challenger Barack Obama. There are several reasons for this. Some in the media no doubt regard this as "just politics" and nothing out of the ordinary to be concerned about. Another factor is that many of Clinton's attacks were carried out by surrogates doing her dirty work for her. Still others in the corporate media may tacitly agree with Clinton's attacks, and seem to want to promote them without examining whether they possess any substance.

There was a time when there was no way for ordinary citizens to respond to such a situation, when corporate media could promote a slanted version of a story without challenge. As late as 2000 and 2004, Karl Rove was able to peddle his lies and distortions against Republican and Democratic opponents alike, and the media tamely reported them.

Thankfully, those days seem to be behind us. Now bloggers can at least offer a token challenge to big media and point out stories they ignore or misreport. Readers who would like to better understand the depth, severity, and sheer viciousness of Hillary Clinton's attacks on Barack Obama can now visit a website set up specifically to track them: the eponymous "clintonattacksobama Incident Tracker."

As of this morning, February 26, 2008, this wiki page has tracked forty-four incidents in which the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton has launched a false attack on Brack Obama. The site gives a description of each incident, the connection with the Clinton campaign, a rebuttal, and source materials.

Take some time to visit this site and familiarize yourself. The next time someone tries to push one of these stories (and there is no doubt that certain elements of the Republican Party will do just that) you will be prepared to respond. The American public is tired of "leaders" who have to lie themselves into office. Let's help our candidates stay on the straight and narrow this time.

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