Sunday, February 10, 2008

An open letter to Peter Feddo


I spoke with Ben Tribbett this evening, and I have to say that it was an eye-opening experience, to say the very least. It was clear to me that Ben was just enjoying one of his little jokes.

I realize now that you and Ben are just acting out of hurt feelings because of Hillary Clinton's impending loss in Virginia (and elsewhere). I realize that I've been insensitive to what you two have been going through, emotionally speaking. I mean, good grief, I watched the JJ dinner on the internet. Were you there? That must have been really hard for you, and I sympathize.

While I am still disappointed that you chose to act the way you did, I no longer see any point in making an issue of this. I mean good grief Peter, you've devoted the last two years of your life to Hillary Clinton's cause in Virginia, and I got in your way. Now it appears that Senator Clinton is going to do rather poorly in Virginia. Two years of your life gone for nothing. No wonder you lashed out.

But Ben has convinced me that you're just some kid that isn't really responsible for his actions and that by going after you I've really just been a bit of a bully. As a lawyer, I sometimes get too caught up in issues of the law and what is right and wrong. I am sorry I wasn't more sensitive to your loss.

So rest assured, all is forgiven. I just hope that you are okay and you don't let this setback get you down. You are a young man and there will be plenty of other opportunities in the future.


--J.C. Wilmore

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