Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama met with Edwards today: will an endorsement follow?

Barack Obama held his long awaited, semi-secret meeting with John Edwards today in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Will Edwards endorse now? And if so, who will he endorse?

If Edwards endorses Clinton, it would likely lead to a bitter, divisive battle that Clinton would win. It would then become an open question as to whether she could win the general. Ralph Nader has pledged to run against Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg has expressed his belief that if it is Clinton versus McCain, there would be room in the middle for a serious third-party run. If Clinton were to win in such a scenario, it would likely be with less than half of the popular vote.

If Edwards were to endorse Obama, he would probably wrap up the nomination quickly and unite the Democratic Party with little trouble. Obama would also bring entirely new groups of voters into the Democratic tent. He'd have a chance to win the general election with a majority of the popular vote and a landslide electoral vote. Most importantly, those new, younger voters that Obama brings into the Democratic Party would be highly likely to stick around, and give us a tremendous advantage in national elections for the next forty years.

Hillary Clinton represents the establishment, with all its lobbyist-purchased baggage. Barack Obama represents the change and the future. For John Edwards' agenda of reform to take place, we must have a change and a leader who looks forward to the future and not back to a heavily edited version of the past: we must have Barack Obama.

You can read more about this story as it develops here.

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Why John Edwards cannot support Hillary Clinton:

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