Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hillary on the ropes!

Yesterday's titanic Super Tuesday battle has left the Clinton organization battered and against the ropes. It was revealed today that the Clinton campaign has gone into debt in an attempt to keep up with the surging Obama campaign. Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign a whopping $5 million in an effort to keep the lights on at her headquarters. Several of Hillary's top advisers, including her campaign manager, are now working without pay in an effort to stretch what little cash remains.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has raised more than $5.7 million in donations to his campaign in the last 24 hours.

Cash is key at this point: both Obama and Clinton have to redeploy key staff to the next states to be contested and make media buys. Mailers, television, radio, newspapers, door hangers, flyers, staffers' salaries, auditorium rentals . . . they all cost money: money Clinton doesn't have. If Clinton's money dries up as she stacks up losses over the next few weeks, it could be the beginning of the end.

If you'd like to hasten the process, then dig down a little and see if there's $25, $50, or $100 you can spare for the Obama campaign. Let's help Obama roll up the next two weeks' worth of primaries and caucuses and see where Hillary's fundraising numbers go.


Star Womanspirit said...

I sent in my donation and bought everything I could buy on backorder in the store (but all of their shirts and jackets are sold out and on back order. I was able to order one shirt on back order....but the rest of stuff they wouldn't let me buy on back order...

Out of curiosity I visited Hillary's online store. Looks like she's got plenty of inventory.

Meanwhile, Obama is having to raise prices on his items in order to keep up with the demand.

I wonder if Hillary will be having a fire sale anytime soon?

JJ said...

After viewing the California results a few things are factually accurate. Hillary is getting the majority Latino, Women and Asian votes and she is getting them for a reason. This trend is continuing through the country.

Obama has never done anything for the Latino community, but suddenly shows up and assumes he can gain their trust it does not work that way. Most supporting Obama who are not African American are the established liberal elites, not the working class liberal, conservative or centrist democrats. His campaign has taken various sexist spins and overtones, which are contained within the spin he and his followers have prevailed at pontificating in the bias media.

After the dust of poetic dust and rhetoric has settled, after the masses of non registered student voters are counted, or not- After asking numerous of his supporters why they like him and hearing endlessly, he speaks so beautifully and Oprah likes him and Ted Kennedy endorsed him, The voters in California saw through the empty content of his beautiful rhetoric. Kennedy’s endorsement did not even carry weight in his own state Hillary won Massachusetts. California told Oprah no maam you don’t rule here. This is the west, this is CALIFORNIA we do it our way!

Thank You California. With Obamas extensive record of a whole three years in the Congress and a member of the Ted Kennedy Elite Good Old Boys club of Washington, which Obama is now the newest member of, Californian’s said “Hell no we wont go there” Send Oprah and her Book club back to Chicago, which has one of the worst education systems in the nation. Tell Maria to go home to Arnie and We don’t give adman who Endorses Obama, “Californians said Hell no we wont go” Tha Latino Community knows Hillary and Bill have stood by them. We all know Hillary’s triumphs and errors but far more triumphs for the people and children in America in her 35 year legacy. Then there are the sexist comments of course. This country is so far behind the gender lines of world leaders it’s sickening.

Women in this nation did not even receive the right to vote until 1920. The working people of America Know Hillary Like Edwards care about them and have the experience to bring hope with content and a TRUE CHANGE for the better. To heal this nation and the world, takes far more experience than simply chanting like a hollow mantra “ yes we can” Well in the Hillary camp the chant is much stronger.

“YES WE WILL” and as Tom Petty said “ We wont back down”

Virginia has always been a state, which calls its own shots, much like California. Virginia will not bow down to hollow rhetoric and beautiful oration. Not all Liberals buy into this lets hand McCain the General election, buy making Obama the nominee movement.

People are not looking at the facts of Obama's life and voting record (100 present votes) and lack of experience in every area.It’s the liberals like myself, but those who have lost their mind, in their reactionary mode to the BUSH nightmare who are supporting Obama the people making over 75,000 a year....thats Obama's crowd with the exception of various income brackets of African American voters.

Obama cannot negotiate with world leaders he has NO international relations experience. Virginia like California is not going to by into the empty poetics and lack of experience of Obama. Hillary is the nations great hope-

The Richmond Democrat said...


Your entire comment boils down to: "Vote for Hillary because she is a woman." That's the only argument you make in favor of Clinton.

Obama has a combined total of 17 years of elected service: Clinton has six. I could print a list mistakes that Clinton has made, including her irresponsible vote for war, but then you'd accuse me of repeating "Right Wing talking points." The reality is that Clinton has a history of poor judgment that stretches back decades.

If the worst thing you have against Obama is a handful of procedural votes during his time in the Illinois state senate, well my friend, you haven't got much in the way of ammunition.

I also take note of your snide reference to Jim Webb's campaign song, Tom Petty's "I won't back down." So you opposed Jim Webb, the man who supplied us the sixth Senate seat we needed to take back the U.S. Senate? Who has made it possible to curb George W. Bush and block his ability to make recess appointments?

I think you've revealed yourself as the kind of Liberal that is more comfortable in the minority and losing elections.

This Saturday at Virginia's JJ Dinner, Obama will show you the power of oration. As he speaks, the returns will be coming from three primaries and/or caucuses; then you will see the power of organization. On Tuesday, Virginia will vote and you will find that Virginia is very much Obama country.

JJ, in the interest of free speech I printed your note. I hope Barack Obama gives you reason to blush at it in the days to come.


spotter said...

The most ironic statement in that long dishonest rant from jj is this: "Most supporting Obama who are not African American are the established liberal elites...."

So let's see, women are supposed to support Hillary Clinton for the sole (sexist) reason that she's female, but merely because of their race, AFRICAN-AMERICANS SOMEHOW DON'T COUNT! Just more shameless race-baiting and gender-baiting from the Clinton campaign's cynical professional operatives.

We were in the cheap seats last night supporting Barack Obama, jj. And let me tell you, the applause and support and enthusiasm were thunderous and genuine. Your candidate should hear, and heed.