Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why did Bill Clinton "fire" Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton likes to claim that she will be ready from "Day One." She claims to have acquired a great deal of that experience working for her husband while he was president. If that's the case, then what does it say about her that her husband was forced to "fire" her two years into his first term?

When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992, he jokingly said that the American people would be getting "two for one," meaning that he thought his wife was just as talented and just as qualified to be president and would have an expanded role in his administration. When Bill was elected president, he set out to do just that.

We've already talked about Hillary's botched role in the investigation of the White House travel office. Hillary's blundering interference in that case led to the wrong doers being acquitted and the Clinton administration being forced to apologize to them! Hillary managed to turn what should have been a small scandal for the outgoing Bush administration into a major scandal for the brand new Clinton administration, helping it to get off on the wrong foot.

Hillary's next big bungle would reveal even more about her character, as well as revealing several reasons why she is unsuitable to be the president of the United States. When Bill Clinton tapped Hillary Clinton to lead the effort to pass universal healthcare, she launched herself into the task with gusto. It might have been better for everyone concerned if she hadn't.

While trying to get her 1,000+ page monstrosity of a bill (crafted behind closed doors with lobbyists, of course) Hillary managed to alienate not only her enemies, but also potential friends! Senator Bill Bradley later related to journalist and author Carl Bernstein that Hillary Clinton had gone about Capitol Hill threatening to "demonize" any members of Congress who even questioned her poorly written health care plan: "It was obviously so basic to who she is. The arrogance. The assumption that people with questions are enemies. The disdain. The hypocrisy."

Hmmm, let's see an executive who goes around threatening people, who crafts legislation locked behind closed doors and then refuses to answer questions, who demand immediate unquestioning obedience . . . where have we seen this pattern of behavior before? When you look at personal style, management style, there are a number of shocking parallels between Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton almost single-handedly bungled the passage of universal health care. Imagine how different our nation might have been if that critical reform could have been passed. The disaster was so palpable, so complete, that Bill Clinton "fired" Hillary Clinton, and never allowed her to take on another serious executive or legislative project. Now Bill Clinton wants us to believe that Hillary is the best choice for president. That wasn't his conclusion when he banned her from further participation in his administration.

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