Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Sacramento Bee on Hillary Clinton

The Sacramento Bee has endorsed Barack Obama for president. I will excerpt that endorsement elsewhere later today, but I wanted to devote a single post to the Sacramento Bee's reasons for not endorsing Hillary Clinton because they are so well-reasoned and fair to Senator Clinton:
As first lady for eight years, Clinton served as a serious policy adviser to the president, not only on health care, where she famously failed, but on other matters as well. On free trade and reforming welfare, she and Bill Clinton faced down their friends and allies to do what was right, and Hillary Clinton is still paying the price today with some in the left wing of her party.

The Clinton years were tainted by scandal, and Hillary Clinton took her share of hits for those problems. Some were deserved; some were not. Dealing with the constant accusations no doubt toughened her. That toughness is one thing we admire most about her.

But those battle scars are also evidence of a troubling trend in American politics that would likely only intensify if Clinton were to become president. Since her husband's first term, politics has become increasingly polarized, the partisan fights more brutal. The Clintons have been both aggressors and victims in those wars.[1]
Can't say it much fairer than that. Hillary failed on health care, sucked up to the Right Wing, is tainted by scandal, and while we empathize with her over all the attacks she's suffered over the years, it's important to remember that she's a perpetrator of dirty attacks, as well as a target.

More about this important endorsement for Barack Obama later today.