Saturday, January 05, 2008

The beginning of the end for Richardson '08

Bill Richardson's campaign has begun laying off people. The fact that he is doing this now suggests that he knows in his heart that he's finished his run. If he actually thought that he had a chance to pull off a miraculous win somewhere that would restart his campaign, then he'd try to put the layoffs off until after that primary. But now he's laying people off before the New Hampshire primary.[1]

Richardson finished with 2.11% in the Iowa caucus and is currently polling about 5.3% in New Hampshire. I don't know why Richardson is still in the race at all. He has nothing to gain. On the one hand, he has no chance of finishing above fourth in any state other than maybe New Mexico, while on the other hand he is such an important diplomat he is virtually assured an important post in any administration he'd care to serve. Richardson would be a candidate for Secretary of State, UN Ambassador, or ambassador to some other key ally. The time has come for Bill Richardson to move on.

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