Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rumors fly! One or more Republican candidates to withdraw from the presidential race!

This story is still developing, but there are rumors afloat tonight that one or more of the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination are planning to drop out before the Iowa caucuses.

It is unclear at this point what is happening, but one scenario would be for one or more of the third tier candidates to drop out and endorse Romney in Iowa in a bid to derail Huckabee before he gains so much momentum from an Iowa win as to be unstoppable. Hunter? Tancredo?


Update: Tom Tancredo has called a press conference for tomorrow to make a "major announcement." If Tancredo withdraws it will be interesting to see if he endorses anyone. Mike Huckabee has been criticized for being insufficiently vindictive where illegal aliens are concerned. This could be Tancredo's chance to hurt Huckabee and help Romney on his way oout the door. HT: Bleeding Heartland

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