Monday, December 03, 2007

Rob Wittman is weak on Veterans' issues

Take a moment to examine Rob Wittman's website. Wittman is the Republican running to replace Jo Ann Davis in the U.S. House of Representatives. Take a moment to look at what Wittman says he suupports . . .
I stand strongly for:
  • Fiscal Responsibility--on both the state and federal levels
  • Pro-Second Amendment Gun Rights
  • Pro-life and Pro-family
  • Strict control of our borders both North and South
  • Holding employers who hire illegals accountable and providing them a quick, convenient method to check the status of workers they hire
  • Working with states to establish facilities to detain illegal immigrants for processing by the U.S. Attorney's office
  • Enhancing the efforts by the Eastern District of the U.S. Attorney's Office to process, deport or prosecute illegal immigrants quickly
  • Maintaining a strong national defense
  • Working to protect the missions of military installations in the region
  • Opposing tax increases
  • Supporting the current Bush tax cuts
  • Stopping wasteful government spending and fighting to balance the federal budget
Notice anything missing? Does it seem like Wittman has forgotten anybody?

Does it seem like he's forgotten our nation's veterans?

Wittman's omission is stunning when you consider that our nation is at war on two fronts. While modern medical science has held the rate of Americans killed in action low, more than 40,000 Americans have suffered massive combat related injuries. The scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center revealed just how little regard the Bush administration has for our fighting men and women. Indeed, Republican Representative Tom Davis has acknowledged that he knew about the conditions at Walter Reed and covered them up to avoid embarrassing the Bush administration.

Is it any shock that the Republican Rob Wittman--who has never served a day in his life--should completely overlook our nation's veterans?

Of course why would Wittman want to draw attention--and possibly unflattering comparisons--to his opponent's meritorious service in Iraq?

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