Monday, December 03, 2007

The Republican Party of Virginia declares war on Ron Paul

Ron Paul's supporters in Virginia have good reason to be concerned. "Mainstream" Republicans have thrown down the gauntlet: they want nothing to do with Ron Paul supporters:
The Advance attendees were a happy and friendly group. Until after the straw poll. Then, instead of everyone chatting everywhere, like, waiting for an elevator, I found myself scanning the lapels of the people near me to see what buttons or stickers they had on, because I so did not want to talk to anyone with a R– P— button or sticker. It wasn’t just me, either. At one point later, again waiting for an elevator, I saw a couple of people appearing to do the same, in my direction. I said, “No, I’m not a R– P— fan and I see ya’ll aren’t, either.” The guy said, “Whew!” and we went on to talk. Everyone was angry and embarrassed about the poll.

During the speeches before the poll, they were shouting and interrupting most everyone. Someone nearby was trying to ask them to pipe down, and got told, “We don’t have to be civil.” Someone should tell them that politics is a people business, and if you manage to annoy and embarrass 99% of the people you claim to belong with (Republicans, in this case), well, you are not doing so well in the people department.
That "mainstream" Republican writer could not even bring herself to type the words "Ron Paul"! Amazing! Relations with Ron Paul's supporters are indeed "toxic."

Virginia Republican Party committee office holders slam Ron Paul supporters here, here, and here. Perhaps most damaging, they continue to spread the story that Ron Paul bused in supporters and paid their admission to unfairly skew the results of the straw poll.

This is what one low level Republican official had to say about Ron Paul and his supporters:
So the word is coming in that the Straw Poll at the Republican Advance in Crystal City was stacked by the Ron Paul Horde.

I knew about that the day it occurred, but refrained from posting anything since I didn't have all the facts.

Sure, the guy is a big believer in states rights--which I love--but for a majority of things, he is NO Republican. His anti-war sentiments don't get him any props either. They got him and his followers booed at the Advance. But don't start thinking it was the Advance-ers that were the rude ones. The Ron Paul Horde was loud, obnoxious, rude, and inflammatory.
If that is typical of the RPV's attitude toward Ron Paul, then his supporters have an uphill climb over the next couple of months.


Conservativa said...

1. That would be, "...cannot even bring herself..."

2. I don't type the words because I think there's a good chance that they are spam-bait.

Really, before the rudeness at the straw poll I didn't mind talking with some such supporters. I found them to be sort of off the wall, but fine, plenty of people disagree with me. It's a free country.

It is interesting that Hager and Judd seemed to take the results, at least publicly, with good humor. Hager seemed even a little amused.

What I objected to was the rudeness and the poll-gaming. They say they want to want to help the Republican party, but in my opinion they were just using a Republican event to buy themselves some publicity.

If the Democrats had a similar event with a similar group claiming to be Democrats but really not wanting to work with the Democratic party, I think the long-time Democrats there would feel the same way. Neither we nor you have a perfect party. But we know that in this country, parties matter. If you are unhappy with your party, work with it. But, in my opinion, this straw poll performance wasn't that.


Scott_McDonnell said...

"conservative" (whatever), here's the REAL problem:

You are attacking one of your own. YOU don't think he belongs in the republican party? Who the hell are you? Ron Paul's conservative and Republican creds are nearly unmatched. The nation is at war, dickhead, not the "republican party."

YOU want to shut people out of chosing who to vote for, because somehow you think this is YOUR party. Every person in America will have to deal with the decisions of the next president. Just like there are "liberal" or apolitical soldiers dying in Iraq for our country, not just "Republicans."

It is becoming clear that your state's party does not care what the people want. Why don't you just say it instead of trying to justify your reasons for doing it?

No wonder RP's supporters are rude to you. I bet you were just "nice and hospitable" to them, weren't you?

JTylerBallance said...

I posted this already but it is germane here. The majority of folks in the RPVA are eager and happy to have the Paulistinians on board. The GOP will really benefit from the energy and dedication to Constitutional government that the Paulistinians bring. Chris Kachouroff gave such a fine speech on behalf of Congressman Paul, I think that NOVAville Dems can look forward to facing him in an election, next cycle.

Here's the post regarding the straw poll coverage.

The problem was that immediately after the Paulistinians had won the straw poll, and while Republican Committee members were out in the crowd congratulating the Ron Paul supporters, a couple of guys with sour grapes ran over to the RTD reporter and started a rumor about bused-in supporters when the only bus around had been chartered by the College Republicans. Reporters must not be mere parrots. They must check and re-check their facts.

The Virginia Paulistinians are in every respect, real Republican activists. Many of the folks in the "Revolution" are business and professional leaders in their local communities and quite a few are working moms. Some are home schoolers with large families. In summary, the Paulistinians look a great deal like the family oriented crowd that boosted the Republican ranks back in the days of Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition.

The Paulistinians represented about one third of the six hundred in attendance at the Advance. When these Paulistinians go home and sign-up with their local Republican Committee, they could create a major change in the Republican agenda here in Virginia, within just the next election cycle.

The idea of getting back to the Constitution and the end of undeclared wars is VERY popular.

Vince Bullinger said...

Well, first off, let me apologize in advance on behalf of all Ron Paul supporters.

It's actually been my experience that Ron Paul supporters are the ones that are abused and insulted, etc., not the other way around.

Then again, I'm in Minnesota.

Anyway. The real thing that everyone talks about, with regards to whether or not Ron Paul is a true Republican is that he's anti-war. That's it.

Ron Paul has the best Republican voting record among all the candidates. He's just anti-war. He's also against pre-emptive strikes against countries that haven't attacked us.

Bin Laden is a Saudi Arabian living in Pakistan. Why did we invade Afghanistan and Iraq, while threatening Iran with nuclear strikes? Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda aren't there. 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were Saudi Arabian. And six of them are still alive (!!!). Look it up. I'm serious.

Now let's look at the other candidates:

Romney: we ALL know he has flip-flopped on almost everything. He panders to his constituents at every turn. Did you watch the YouTube debate on Nov. 28th? He was called out on every issue he's ever flopped! He's either lying to get votes, or he's been wrong so many times that he can't be trusted to make the right decisions. Either way, who could vote for a man like that?!?

Giuliani: ran a sanctuary city and is very much against gun rights. Not very Republican. He also has a LONG history of infidelity, also not a very conservative value.

Huckabee: visit His track record of rewarding illegal immigration is extensive and in no way can be disregarded. This is no Republican. I don't know what he is.

On top of the fact that these three are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, as is Fred Thompson. This group is pushing for globalization and the North American Union (do your own research on the subjects). That would destroy our national sovereignty. Not very Republican at all.