Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joe Lieberman to give John McCain the kiss of death tomorrow

The blogosphere is abuzz tonight with news that Joe Lieberman intends to endorse John McCain for President tomorrow. This endorsement is likely to hurt John McCain, and possibly even end his presidential hopes.

Why? Because it comes at precisely the wrong time in a place where it is likely to do McCain no good: Connecticut.
  1. The Wrong Time: McCain doesn't have the Republican nomination yet, and an endorsement from a liberal--and apart from his position on the Iraq War, Joe Lieberman is very, very liberal--is more likely to hurt McCain amongst hardcore Republican activists: the very group of people McCain is attempting to reconcile with. RINO is one of the dirtiest words in the Republican vocabulary and McCain leaves himself wide open to charges of RINOism by accepting this endorsement before the general election. Republicans live in constant fear of Democrats meddling in their primaries: now McCain is asking Republicans to take electoral advice from a northeastern liberal?
  2. The Wrong Place: Lieberman is a liberal independent from Connecticut. This endorsement is apparently meant to help McCain compete with independents in nearby New Hampshire, but I very much doubt if it will. You see, New Hampshire has turned a brilliant shade of blue in recent years, and New Hampshire independents will be participating in the Democratic primary next year, not the Republican primary.
So let's recap: McCain has asked Lieberman, a liberal, to intercede in a Republican Party election, in a state where there aren't any independents left because they are all going to be voting in the Democratic primary for Obama, Edwards, or Clinton.

What part of this plan isn't ill-considered?

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