Thursday, December 13, 2007

Deeds announces for Governor early

Creigh Deeds has announced his intention to run for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2009 and launched his campaign website:
Under the leadership of Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, we have experienced significant progress in the last few years. Because of their optimistic, commonsense approach to solving problems, we have all been proud to call Virginia our home. Today I’m announcing my campaign for Governor to continue that tradition of moving Virginia forward.

Please visit my new website at to view my announcement video and join my campaign.

The election for Governor in 2009 will offer every Virginian a choice: do we continue and build upon the work of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, or do we chart a different course that embraces the attack politics and policies of George W. Bush’s wing of the Republican Party?

I believe that Warner-Kaine approach is the better way to keep Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family. And, that better way is how I will lead us forward if given the privilege to serve as your next Governor. For me, it’s about creating opportunity in every corner of Virginia: building a modern transportation system that moves our state and our economy forward, creating a research-based economy that develops new sources of alternative energy by investing in our colleges and universities, and retooling our community college system so we can train for the jobs of the 21st century.

I invite you to please join me.

Very Truly Yours,

Senator [Creigh] Deeds
It's an interesting first move in the 2009 Governor's race: Deeds is staking out his claim early. Will Deeds' early announcement forestall potential challengers for the Democrats' 2009 nod?

Only time will tell, my friends.

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