Monday, November 26, 2007

Once again, Tim Kaine demonstrates what good government is

Jim Bacon has the good news over at Bacon's Rebellion:

Virginia's budget is in better shape than lawmakers thought back in August when Gov. Timothy M. Kaine announced that the commonwealth had a $641 million General Fund shortfall to close in the current fiscal year (Fiscal 2008). A combination of new budget estimates, administrative cost cutting and savings identified by the General Assembly could allow the state to end the year, which ends June 30, with a small surplus.[1]

This is how good government works. When Kaine detected a shortfall, he was open about it, took action to correct course, and in just a few months put Virginia back on track.

Had this occurred under a Republican administration, we would still be in the middle of a coverup aimed at denying the existence of a problem, rather than looking back at a problem already solved. The problem would have been allowed to grow and fester into a $6 billion problem that was concealed through the next election and then passed off on the next administration to worry about.

Seldom have two political parties offered the citizens of a state such a stark choice between management styles. On the one hand you have Democrats with their open style of government that rapidly changes course as the situation requires and on the other you have the Republican policy of steering straight for the icebergs and refusing to change course because to do otherwise would be "ideologically impure."

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