Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Davis political machine in complete disarray

Semi-reliable sources have assured the Richmond Democrat that Tom Davis and Jeannemarie Devolites Davis were spotted this morning eating brunch in Fairfax, just miles from where Chap Petersen and his wife Sharon stood guard over their young children.

Internet pundits will no doubt point to the choice of brunch as further evidence of the crumbling campaign of Devolites Davis.
"They can't even agree on what meal to eat," someone will no doubt say.

"Tom is eating lunch, for God's sake, while Jeannemarie is eating breakfast . . . what's that about?" another pundit will offer, possibly.

"If she loses, will Tom trade her in for someone younger with better electoral prospects?" someone else may ask, hypothetically speaking.
These are indeed troubling signs from a couple known for dressing alike and posing with their two identical dogs, Stepford-fashion.

Will Devolites Davis pull out a miracle upset, or will the Davises drift apart and stop dressing alike? Only time will tell.

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