Sunday, October 07, 2007

Virginia's Leftyblogs are famous

I'm visiting my bar in Dallas, Texas this weekend. It's one of my regular twice a year trips to look in on things, check the books, and discuss any ongoing issues with my business associates. In January I do the corporate tax return and in October I help out during the Texas-Oklahoma football game, one of our busiest days of the year.

During this year's visit I was hanging out with one of my partners on our back patio when another one of our partners showed up with some friends. Among the small group was David Hardt, the national president of the Young Democrats of America. We talked for some time before realizing we were both interested in Democratic politics. Our conversation soon turned to the Virginia Leftysphere and how effective it has been.

To my surprise I found that he knew who many of the key players were. He recognized my blog and knew Lowell Feld and Ben Tribbett by name. I told him the story of "Macaca" as seen from my vantage point, how Ben had called Phriendly Jaime the night before the story broke, how Thadd and I listened in on the speaker phone, and how we were sworn to secrecy until Ben had finished breaking the story.

It was great to hear that we are reaching a wider audience. David was very complimentary and urged us to keep turning up the pressure on the Republican Party.

I assured him that we would.

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Bryan J. Scrafford said...

I met David at the YDA National Convention this summer (I was a delegate). He's a great guy and I was proud to cast my vote along with the rest of the Virginia delegation in his column.