Monday, October 01, 2007

More deceptive advertising: Watkins Abbitt

Have Virginia Republicans simply lost the ability to tell the truth? Has the ability to tell the truth simply vanished spontaneously from the ranks of this once dominant party? What does it say about the Republican Party when it has been reduced to telling lies to try and stay in office?

The latest offender is Watkins Abbitt (Independent in name only). Abbitt, a closet Republican, sent out the mailer above, accusing Democrat Connie Brennan of raising taxes 400%! The truth? It's just a little utility tax that went from $2 a month to $10 a month. A whopping tax increase of $8 a month for businesses!

If that wasn't enough deception for one mailer, Abbitt used a stock photo of an Alaskan general store--yes, you read that right: Alaska. Apparently Abbitt doesn't know his district well enough to take a picture of a store located there, in Virginia.

Here's what some of my friends are saying about it:
"Another Unethical Republican: Watkins Abbitt" by Lowell, at Raising Kaine.

"Watkins Abbitt: Out to Alaska?" by Mark Brooks at Democratic Central.

"Watkins Abbitt: Campaigning in Alaska?" by Heartland of Virginia.

"Del. Abbitt’s nasty mailer" by Waldo Jaquith.
A final thought for the Republican Party of Virginia: Deuteronomy 5:20.

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