Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Looks like we have a movement: Netroots for Virginia!

What's a movement without its own nifty website?

Several of Virginia's Lefty Bloggers have pulled together to support Democratic candidates. Now we have a home on the internet: Netroots for Virginia.

It's a great website that collects posts in support of Democrats running for elective office in Virginia. Stop by and check it out and, if you are a Democratic blogger, join and contribute to this effort to turn Virginia blue!


Charles said...

So now you have another site that will reprint people's posts? I thought that was what Raising Kaine was for.

With blog aggregators, we don't really need to put the same posts in several places. Every day I see three or more versions of a bunch of posts from the progressive side, because they post in their own blogs and on raising kaine. (am I allowed to say Raising Kaine when talking about this, or is that "deceptive"?)

The Richmond Democrat said...

Physician heal thyself.

You spend a lot of time worrying about how Democrats exercise their 1sr Amendment rights, don't you Charles?

I think your time would be better spent amongst the ODBA, advocating for better blogging practices among Republicans, don't you? They might be more inclined to listen.

Charles said...

I don't MIND that you have another web site. I just wonder why you are so excited about it.

Thanks for posting my comment.

Your last statement was odd. You seem to be saying that the right-wing bloggers would be more inclined to listen to an advocate for better blogging practices than the progresive blogs.

I know that's not what you meant, but that's what you said.

The Richmond Democrat said...

We are excited about it because it is a good website that we hope will be an asset to our party's candidates.

Allow me to clarify my previous statement: I think right wing bloggers would be more inclined to listen to YOU on the subject of better blogging practices. The Lefty Blogs in Virginia include some of the best bloggers around, so we'll keep our own counsel as to whether setting up a website is or is not a good idea. I think the right wing in Virginia is in desparate need of help, so I think your time and talents might be better spent there.

I think Democrats already have a pretty good grasp on how to use the internet, though we are always learning more. In our case, the new website is meant as a "one stop shop" for people looking for information on Democratic candidates. Many people do not know about the existence of the aggregators (shocking, no?) and this website is aimed more at casual users of the political blogosphere who are more likely to access the political blogosphere via a search engine, rather than an aggregator.