Friday, October 12, 2007

Krugman: "Sliming Graeme Frost"

The Republican attacks on 12-year old Graeme Frost have boomeranged disastrously. More and more Americans are waking up to what the Republican Party has become.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times weighes in on the Republican debacle:
You might be tempted to say that bloggers make unfounded accusations all the time. But we’re not talking about some obscure fringe. The charge was led by Michelle Malkin, who according to Technorati has the most-trafficked right-wing blog on the Internet, and in addition to blogging has a nationally syndicated column, writes for National Review and is a frequent guest on Fox News.

The attack on Graeme's family was also quickly picked up by Rush Limbaugh, who is so important a player in the right-wing universe that he has had multiple exclusive interviews with Vice President Dick Cheney.

And G.O.P. politicians were eager to join in the smear. The New York Times reported that Republicans in Congress "were gearing up to use Graeme as evidence that Democrats have overexpanded the health program to include families wealthy enough to afford private insurance" but had "backed off" as the case fell apart.

In fact, however, Republicans had already made their first move: an e-mail message from the office of Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, sent to reporters and obtained by the Web site Think Progress, repeated the smears against the Frosts and asked: "Could the Dems really have done that bad of a job vetting this family?"
In reality, the vetting failure was on the part of Republicans who failed to check up on--and rein in--their out of control bloggers, Michelle Malkin in particular. Limbaugh, already reeling from his "phony soldiers" gaffe, now receives another black eye after being led down the trail by Malkin. Not a good week for Republican talking heads.

You can read Krugman's Op-Ed "Sliming Graeme Frost" in its entirety at The New York Times.

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