Monday, October 29, 2007

Another bungle for accident prone Devolites Davis

Just days after declaring that her opponents' small children were "in play," Jeannemarie Devolites Davis' campaign has stumbled again--this time over the hot button issue of race.

The story broke yesterday at Not Larry Sabato. The JMDD campaign was caught distributing campaign literature in minority neighborhoods with the wrong date for the election.

This looks incredibly bad for Devolites Davis. There simply aren't any explanations for JMDD's behavior. JMUDuke captures the possibilities perfectly at Bored Young Professionals:
a) she intentionally broadcast the names and contact information of Chap and Sharon Petersen and their 3 small children, and also intentionally misled a certain number of voters in the 34th with her doorhangers. OR...

b) she is running the most incompetent campaign of the cycle and could not find her own ass with both hands and a map.
Is Dick Wadhams moonlighting with the Devolites Davis campaign?

Now bloggers from both sides are scrambling to understand what the impact of Devolites Davis' transgressions will be. Leesburg Tomorrow explores the possibility that the distribution of flyers with the incorrect election date could be a crime. Renaissance Ruminations discusses how the Republican Party is affected when their campaigns go too far in "Stupid Political Tricks." Anonymous is a Woman discusses how an incident like this undermines the entire Republican blogosphere in "Will the Republican Blogosphere Blow Their Integrity for Jeannemarie Devolites Davis?"

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