Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Webb to hear Petraeus testimony today

Senator Jim Webb monitored General Petraeus' testimony yesterday and had this reaction:
"I look forward to hearing first-hand from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker [tomorrow] when they testify before the Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees in the Senate. From reports I’ve heard today, it’s clear that, despite the relative improvements in security where additional troops have been deployed, we’re still lacking an overarching strategy that includes robust diplomacy which will allow us to reduce our presence in Iraq while increasing stability in the region.

"Our troops and their families are under unprecedented levels of stress due to the pace and frequency of more than four years of deployments. I would like to hear from General Petraeus how we can meet our responsibility for the proper stewardship of our men and women in uniform."
As he noted in his statement, Webb will hear their testimony in person today. It will be interesting to hear what questions Webb poses to Petraeus and Crocker and what his reaction will be after the testimony is complete.

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