Monday, September 17, 2007

Virginia Democrats are on the move!

There are a couple of great posts in the Virginia blogosphere today talking about the tremendous momentum building behind Democratic candidates in Virginia this year.

In "Numbers are in, Northam kicking!," Vivian J. Paige details the fund raising successes of Democrats in her neck of the woods:
The 5pm filing deadline has come and gone and the numbers are looking pretty good 6th district Senate candidate Ralph Northam shows almost $144,000 in cash raised this period with at little over $380,000 on hand. As of this writing, his opponent, Nick Rerras hasn’t filed. Go Ralph!
Remember, as a general rule Republicans have to spend twice as much as Democrats to be competitive, so Northam's numbers are impressive.

The next post is one that I recommend that every Virginia Democrat read. In "Arlington And Falls Church City Democrats Help Out Fairfax Races," Mike at Blueweeds describes how enthusiastic Democrats who live in safe Democratic districts are taking their message on the road.
The local Democratic Chairs, myself and my much more worthy counterpart in Arlington Peter Roussalot, also communicated with our Democratic base in our communities to let them know that in 2007 some of their support would be used to assist key races in Fairfax. For several months it has felt to me, from interactions at the Farmers Market, school events, the grocery store, etcetera, like Democrats in Falls Church (and I presume Arlington) have been chomping at the bit to DO SOMETHING about the Virginia GOP. The GOP "abuser fee" failure on transportation and its cynical flipping on a Governor Kaine during the summer added fuel to the fire. Our good neighborhood Democrats were immediately on board with our "cross border" insurgency into Fairfax. As have been our incumbent electeds, like Mary Margaret Whipple and Jim Scott, as well as members of the Eighth Congressional District Democratic Committee.
Arlington and Falls Church are setting a fantastic example for the rest of the state and all the other Democratic committees.If you live in a safe Democratic district and you want to be involved in making a difference, you need to take your show on the road.
  • Ask around: where is the nearest competitive race?
  • What kinds of help do they need?
  • Maybe you aren't comfortable going door to door in a strange neighborhood: consider phone banking from the comfort of you own home.
  • Sign up to work an information table at a poll on election day: it is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do--it's direct democracy in action.
  • Consider working a couple of hours of overtime and donating the extra cash to a Democratic candidate who needs it.
Use your imagination, engage your passion, and get involved.

21/51, here we come!

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Paradox13VA said...

For all those Democrats in Farifax and Arlington, come on over to Loudoun and lend a hand if you're looking for a competitive race. Marty, Karen and the rest of the Loudoun Dems are swinging blue, and you can help push.