Monday, September 24, 2007

Tom Davis knew about Walter Reed neglect in 2004

Tom Davis knew about Walter Reed neglect in 2004:
The Washington Post revived a story in 2007 from Salon magazine published in 2004 about conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center that deteriorated rapidly when the operations were transferred to the private contractor IAP. Davis, who accepted progressively higher campaign contributions from IAP during the course of the transfer, admitted as Committee Chair he knew in 2004 about the hospital's conditions, but scheduled no hearings. Committee members told Congressional Quarterly they did not want to "embarrass" the Army by publicizing the matter.[1]
Tom Davis allowed wounded American servicemen and women to suffer terribly for about two years and did nothing to put a stop to it even though that was his job and he could have ended their suffering with a few phone calls.

That's not supporting the troops. That's not worthy of the U.S. Senate.

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