Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Tim Hugo roundup

The last 48 hours have been busy ones for Delegate Tim Hugo. Let's take a stroll around the internet and see what Virginia bloggers are saying about Tim Hugo.

It turns out there's a word for what Tim Hugo did: "Nutpicking," by Waldo Jaquith.

The blogNark dropped the dime on Tim Hugo's bogus attack ad in "Tim Hugo's Missing Citation."

I put my two cents in about Tim Hugo in my "Tim Hugo has 'sunk to a new low'."

Daily Kos gets its hits in on Tim Hugo with "GOP Gets Even More Stupid About Blogs."

Lowell blasts back at Tim Hugo in "University of Alabama Professor: Tim Hugo's Ad Hits a 'New Low'."

Of course, Waldo had something else to say about Tim Hugo yesterday, in "Delegate uses anonymous blog comments in attack ad."

My first impression of Tim Hugo's actions can be found in "Republican Tim Hugo caught in a lie."

And the post that started the firestorm that surrounds Tim Hugo was "Tim Hugo's Attack Ad on Rex Simmons is Unethical," at Raising Kaine.

No doubt there will be more in the story of Tim Hugo. Stay tuned to the Richmond Democrat for all your Tim Hugo update needs.

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