Friday, September 28, 2007

Republicans, mailers, and political failures

It's been a busy week in Virginia's blogosphere. Last week saw bloggers focused on a bogus television ad put out by a floundering Republican incumbent, Delegate Tim Hugo. This week has seen a flurry of deceptive Republican campaign mailers descend on the Old Dominion's mailboxes.

Back at the beginning of September, Paradox13VA at Leesburg Tomorrow completely deconstructed the deceptive flyer put out by Loudoun County Republicans.

Raising Kaine kicked off with an entertaining critique of Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis' latest mailer. JMDD's mailer--printed in lovely Democratic blue (hmmm)--is riddled with grammatical errors and false assertions about her achievements in the area of transportation. RK followed up with a review of Richard Stuart's confused flip-flopping on the issue of choice. Is Stuart really a Republican? Like so many Republicans this year, he is printing his literature in true Democratic blue and has omitted any mention of being a Republican from his campaign signs.

The week's biggest slap-down by far was the embarrassing mistake made by the Republican Party of Virginia's Communications Director, Shaun Kenney. Kenney posted a YouTube video on the front page of the RPV's website. The video--a profanity-laced attack on Democratic Senate candidate Mark Warner's family--was yanked down shortly after it was uploaded, but not before a screenshot recorded the brazenly unethical behavior.

Clearly the RPV has not recovered from the revolving door turnover in its top ranks. A profanity-laced attack on someone's family isn't exactly the kind of image the RPV needs to be projecting these days. The Washington Post came to the same conclusion, listing the RPV as one of this week's big losers for their loutish behavior:
This week's losers:

Republican Party of Virginia staff: Someone at the state party posted a profanity-laced video on their website that mocked Democratic Senate candidate Mark R. Warner. The ad was quickly pulled down, but not before it became fodder for bloggers. Doesn't the RPV staff have enough to worry about with this fall's state legislative races? There will be plenty of time to play games in 2008. This year, let the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee take the lead in roughing up Warner.
Apparently, the RPV's new leadership team isn't ready for prime time.

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