Thursday, September 20, 2007

Republican Tim Hugo caught in a lie

Has the Republican Party of Virginia completely lost it's moral compass? Yet another Republican candidate has been caught behaving in a less than honorable manner. Many of the people who read this blog are themselves bloggers, so they will appreciate just how unethical what Tim Hugo did was. From Raising Kaine:
Every quote in this attack ad on Rex Simmons, attributed to, is actually from a user diary that was removed by the user! The diary was NOT by a "Raising Kaine" front pager, it was NOT by "Raising Kaine" as a PAC or a blog, it was simply a diary posted by an anonymous commenter -- could have been a Republican, could have been anyone -- on this community blog. For Tim Hugo to run ads citing Raising Kaine as the source of these quotes is unethical and SHOULD be illegal if it isn't already. Anyone who would do this certainly doesn't deserve to be representing people in the House of Delegates. Disgusting.
That's right, Tim Hugo's people found an anonymous diary from some random poster and tried to attribute it to Raising Kaine as a site or PAC (it's both, in case you didn't know that). Most bloggers allow a certain amount of anonymous commenting and many, if not all, of those anonymous comments are opinions dissenting from the opinions expressed in the blog. We do this as part of our commitment to freedom of expression and freedom of debate. If you are a blogger, imagine how you would feel if someone took an anonymous comment from your site and falsely attributed it to you personally?

Tim Hugo has exposed himself as unethical and dishonorable. I hope the Republican Party of Virginia will communicate with their candidates and explain to them that trying to smear themselves into to office is wrong and unworthy of the RPV.


Charles said...

Sorry, but a diary is not like a comment. I can't put a diary on RK without first registering.

Diaries I guess are a way to instill plausible deniability, but if I find something on the RK web site as a diary I say it's from Raising Kaine. If RK wants to then delete it (which the RK people have the ability to do), then I as a blogger would, if I noticed it was gone or was told it was gone, would update my post.

I guess if RK didn't require registration you could argue that they have given a free message board to the world, but that is not the case -- you have to register, and if I posted conservative diary entries I'd get kicked off.

If Tim Hugo was now told that the entry was gone, and then published a new ad after that still claiming the diary was there, you might have a point.

In this regard, this is no different than somebody citing a news source which then is corrected because the journalist got the facts wrong. You can't fault someone for quoting what was in the paper.

Bloggers can't have it both ways. They can't insist on being taken seriously, and then act like they aren't whenever it suits them.

Brian said...

I wouldn't hold my breathe. Republicans in this state are running scared in a way that I've never seen before. The party has no moral credibility anymore (tap, tap, ahem) has no successful policy to stand upon (abuser fees, IRAQ) and has nothing left to do but rely on hack bloggers to scare people about illegal immigration. They're terrified and rightfully so. Let's finish this cycle strong.

AnonymousIsAWoman said...

Actually Charles, the diary was taken down and does not represent the RK community.

Although I have my own blog, I also have front page privelges on RK and know how the system works. That particular diary did not represent the RK community. And it is no longer visible and hasn't been for a long time.

Yes, Hugo was being dishonest in attributing it to RK rather than the individual poster.