Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oprah for Obama!

Yesterday, in Montecito, California, Oprah Winfrey delivered on her pledge of support for Barack Obama. Winfrey hosted a massive fund raising event for Obama, raising an estimated $3,000,000 for the Democratic Senator from Illinois. To put this in perspective, this is roughly the same amount of money Fred Thompson has raised for his campaign to date. It is about nine times as much as Jim Gilmore raised in the course of his entire run for the presidency. In one afternoon . . . bam!

But even more important than money, Winfrey's endorsement carries tremendous advantages in terms of visibility. Oprah Winfrey is loved and respected by an audience of millions (and you can count me among that group). If Winfrey's fans take her reasoning and her endorsement to heart, then they can be expected to not only vote for him, but to bring their friends and families along as well.

Winfrey will be a formidable ally for Obama.

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Lowell said...

Now, if Obama can get Al Gore's endorsement, he might actually catch Hillary after all. We'll see.