Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gingrich puts 5.8% of the Republican primary vote back in play

Newt Gingrich is out of the running for the Republican presidential nomination. His departure has the potential to alter the race in a meaningful way, as the chart above from demonstrates. As of last week, about 5.8% of Republican primary voters favored Gingrich. Like Fred Thompson, Gingrich has been hinting that he was considering running for president. Just last week, Gingrich announced that if he received $30 million in pledges by November 2007, he would jump into the race. Unlike Fred Thompson, Gingrich did not make good on his pledge, and announced that he would not run today.

The question of the moment is, now that Gingrich is officially out, where will his supporters go? Will Gingrich endorse anyone this early, or will he wait in hopes of becoming a kingmaker?

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