Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A critically important message from Senator Jim Webb

There are few legislators in Congress that can speak with the kind of moral authority Jim Webb brings to questions of military service. One other member of Congress who shares Webb;s commitment to supporting our troops with something more concrete than rhetoric and flag waving is Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska). Webb and Hagel are both combat veterans of Vietnam.

Tomorrow morning Senators Webb and Hagel will announce that they are reintroducing Webb's amendment on responsible rotation cycle: henceforth the amendment will be the Bi-Partisan Webb-Hagel Amendment on Responsible Rotation Cycles. From Senator Jim Webb's office:
The Webb-Hagel amendment seeks to provide a safety net for our troops by requiring that active-duty troops and units have at least equal time at home as the length of their previous tour in Iraq or Afghanistan. The amendment also requires that no National Guard or Reserve members and units could be redeployed to Iraq or Afghanistan within three years of their previous deployment.

In July, the Webb-Hagel amendment received support from 56 Senators. The legislation has also been endorsed by a number of military and family organizations including the Military Officers Association of America, the National Military Families Association, Veterans for America, VoteVets.org, and Major General Robert B. Newman Jr., the Adjutant General of Virginia.
Senator Webb has taped a video appeal for your support; that message can be viewed here.

In addition, if you are a member of the press or a blogger, Senators Webb and Hagel will be holding a media availability tomorrow morning to discuss their amendment and their plans for obtaining the votes necessary to push this critical legislation through. The information for that meeting is:
Senators Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel

WHAT: Media Availability

WHEN: Wednesday, September 19th at 10:00am

WHERE: Radio/TV Gallery, S-325
This legislation is a critical test of support for our fighting men and women. Support for this measure will demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing our warriors with the time they need at home between deployments to maintain marriages, raise families, and pursue their American dreams. Those who oppose this bill must forever forfeit any claim to support our troops.


Cominius said...

Senator Webb's amendment, while preventing the deployment of replacement troops to Iraq and Afghanistan does nothing to support the troops currently deployed in either place. The end result of his legislation, if passed, would be to leave the troops presently deployed there for the duration of the conflict or until the authorization bill expires a year from now, or bring all the current troops in both conflicts home without replacement.

Moreover it is a feckless piece of legislation. It refers only to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom by name. The president could step around it simply by renaming the operations.

Because the amendment is offered to the 2008 Authorization Act, it will expire in a year.

Jim Webb is not serious about supporting the troops. The actual amendment is a joke. He is only intending on creating another opportunity for useless debate on the senate floor.

If the real war against the terrorists is in Afghanistan, how does depriving that mission of troops lend credence to the position that fighting the terrorists there is the war we should be fighting?

The Richmond Democrat said...

There are so many flaws in your reasoning.

It is President Bush's stubbornness that would strand our soldiers there for the duration. Your suggestion that Bush would/should do this simply illustrates how divorced Bush's policy has become from being concerned with the welfare of our troops. The idea that you would hold these men and women is enough to put you beyond the pale: you cannot claim to support the troops, they nothing but a means to your ends. You clearly do not care if you destroy their lives, their marriages, and their families.

Permanent legislation can be offered as part of a funding bill.

The War in Afghanistan has been robbed of troops by the "Fiasco" in Iraq.