Friday, August 31, 2007

Setting the record straight about Republican cyber-stalking

David Mastio--Republican writer, journalist and owner of the Blog Net News--posted a comment at Anonymous is a Woman today. That comment read in part:
I seem to recall that elements of the left of the blogosphere had a great deal of fun unmasking and then hounding a teenage blogger [1].
This incident had completely slipped my mind. It's funny how your memory plays tricks, isn't it Mr. Mastio?

The blogger in question, Alex Davis, was "unmasked" because he himself was hiding behind a false identity, pretended to be a licensed attorney, and was anonymously harassing another blogger, Waldo Jaquith. As part of his masquerade as an attorney, Mr. Davis falsely accused Waldo Jaquith of multiple violations of the law--then the truth was revealed: Davis was a fake.

No one "hounded" Alex Davis, quite the contrary. The ODBA itself acknowledged that Mr. Davis' actions were wrong when they kicked him out for pretending to be an attorney! That's right, the ODBA itself acknowledged that Alex Davis had gone too far!

This is from from Kat of "CatHouse Chat":
It came to our attention about two days ago, December 28th, that one of the ODBA's newest members, currently under a firestorm of criticism from both ("all"?) sides, was not as he had represented himself to be.

I e-mailed Alex on Thursday off-list and requested that he give me and/or the list some sort of accounting for his reasoning for this deception, and got a flip reply. A similar request, posted on the list, was treated in a like manner. Yesterday morning, at about 8:30, I sent another private request and simultaneously posted it to the list. I gave him until noon to present some sort of defense for this subterfuge, and received no reply until about 11:20am.

At that time, Alex e-mailed me a contact to call, and added no commentary of his own. I did a basic check of this person's credentials to satisfy myself, and then called to see if we could settle the matter.

I did NOT get a defense of Alex. Alex got called a "pawn."

I DID get a discussion about the "strategy" behind much of the brouhaha, much of which *I* thought was spurious and not pertinent to the topic of Alex's guile.

Nevertheless, I posted an update to the list, asking again for any input in Alex's favor. I got none.

The ODBA has been embarrassed by this blogger's falsehoods and misrepresentation of himself. We have egg on our faces by pointing out hypoc[risy] in others, when it was in our own ranks.

And therefore, lacking any offered defense or rationale for this deception, Alex, who was admitted to the ODBA as "John Maxfield" and blogs at "Journal of the Common Man," and at "General Grievous' Dog," has been banned from the group and taken off the blogroll.[2]
Of course Mr. Davis had his supporters, both then and even now. While Mr. Davis was a key part of the team of bloggers trying to smear Waldo Jaquith, he did not act alone. Mr. Davis has been at the heart of another instance of group harassment by Republican bloggers and his expulsion from the ODBA did not prevent several ODBA members from joining Mr. Davis in the "Bloggers 4 Sayre"'s efforts to harass and smear Dr. Andrew Clem.

Thank you for reminding us of this incident Mr. Mastio: that makes no less than three documented instances of cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment by a group Republican bloggers in less than one year.

This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed, wouldn't you agree Mr. Mastio?

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