Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Republicans attack Virginia Tech victims

Back in May I took issue with Neal Boortz for his shocking attacks on the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. Boortz spoke in ignorance and malice, claiming that the victims had quietly submitted to their fate without fighting back. We now know that many of the teachers and students fought back heroically saving lives of others often while sacrificing their own lives.
Professor Liviu Librescu held the door of his classroom, Room 204, shut while Cho attempted to enter it. Librescu was able to prevent the shooter from entering the classroom until his students had escaped through the windows, but he was shot five times and killed.

[Jocelyne] Couture-Nowak tried to save the students in her classroom, Room 211, after looking Cho in the eye in the hallway. Colin Goddard, one of the six known survivors of the French class, told his family that Couture-Nowak ordered her students to the back of the class for their safety and made a fatal attempt to barricade the door.

In Room 206, Waleed Shaalan, a Ph.D. student in civil engineering and teaching assistant from Zagazig, Egypt, though badly wounded, distracted Cho from a nearby student after the shooter had returned to the room. Shaalan was shot a second time and died.

Also in Room 206, Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan from Indonesia protected fellow student Guillermo Colman by diving on top of him; Colman's various accounts make it unclear whether this act was intentional or the involuntary result of being shot. Multiple gunshots killed Lumbantoruan but Colman was protected by Lumbantoruan's body.

Student Zach Petkewicz barricaded the door of Room 205 with a large table, while Cho shot several times through the door. No one in that classroom was killed.

Katelyn Carney, Derek O'Dell, Trey Perkins, and Erin Sheehan barricaded the door of Room 207, the German class, after the first attack and attended to the wounded. Cho returned minutes later but O'Dell and Carney prevented him from re-entering the room. Both were injured.

Matthew Joseph La Porte, a member of the Corps of Cadets and an Air Force ROTC student, attempted to tackle Cho from behind but was fatally injured in the attempt.

Hearing the commotion on the floor below, Professor Kevin Granata brought 20 students from a nearby classroom into an office, where the door could be locked, on the third floor of Norris Hall. He then went downstairs to investigate and was shot by Cho. Granata died from his injuries. None of the students locked in Granata's office were injured.[1]
This morning comes news of an even more shocking attack on the innocent victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. A Republican campaign consultant for Jeff Evans had this to say about the heroic victims:
I too wonder just how it was that some of the students at Virginia Tech sheepishly lined up to be shot. Let me be clear, I do not know exactly what happened in any of those classrooms. But reports are out that say just that. ... But these reports of students willingly lining up against a wall disturb me. They should disturb you as well. We need to know why. We need to know what kept any number of groups from rushing this evil and stopping it before it could go further. We need to know what taught them that reaction. We need to know so we can begin to teach the opposite.
The shocking ignorance in these words, blaming the victims, infuriates me. When will Republicans learn? The reports we have seen show that the victims did many things: many ran, some tried to hide, and a surprisingly large number fought back heroically. The one thing that no one has shown to have happened was students "sheepishly" lining up to be shot. This is an outrage! Jeff Evans needs to make it very clear whether or not he blames the Virginia Tech victims the way his paid consultant does.

Want to know which campaign consultant is spreading this slur on the victims' names? Not Larry Sabato has the story.

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