Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Republicans brace for another raid

Republican legislators in Washington, D.C. are anxiously scanning the sky this morning, looking for signs of another raid on their home offices. The likely target? According to TPM Muckraker the FBI may be heading north to Alaska to visit Don Young:
The Justice Department filed a criminal information today on [Mark] Zachares, laying out the facts to which he'll be pleading guilty. You can read it here. A plea hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow[today].

According to the document, Zachares and Abramoff had what they called their "two year plan": Zacheres would work for Abramoff on the inside [in the office of Representative Don Young], taking advantage of his congressional position to throw business Abramoff's way, and eventually, when Zachares left Congress, Abramoff would reward him. As the information reads: Abramoff "would 'credit' Zachares with the 'business' Zachares... referred or developed for Abramoff's firm, and would ultimately employ Zachares as a lobbyist credited 'with business,' warranting a high annual salary."

In addition to the usual stream of junkets, meals, and sports tickets, Abramoff also funneled $10,000 to Zachares through one of his phony charities. In return, Zachares referred clients and provided a number of favors for Abramoff's various clients.

The document does not implicate Rep. Young, but it does mention that in 2002, Abramoff "assisted Zachares in obtaining his position as a staffer on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee," which Young chaired. And Young has come up often in the course of the Abramoff scandal.[1]
After last week's raid on Renzi and the raid on Doolittle the week before, we are left to wonder whether we will continue to see this pattern of a raid on one Republican congressman a week?

Update: Maybe Tom Feeney is next.

Republican congressional staffers nervously scan the sky overhead for signs of the next raid.

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Don't forget about Rep. Tom Feeney ...