Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Republican Endgame?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the left; Vice President Dick Cheney on the right.

Who do you trust?

The Republican Party is in deep trouble. With the War in Iraq going badly overseas and new waves of scandal breaking every day at home, the GOP looks more and more like a beaten and broken force whose energy is entirely spent.

Nothing could be further from the truth. History teaches us that cornered animals will, in the end, turn and fight. There will be one at least one last great battle and I suspect it has begun.

The Bush administration believes the moment has come and has launched a "classic" Rove-style campaign based on the War in Iraq and focused on personal attacks directed at the person of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Republican attack machine has targeted Reid based on his description of the War in Iraq as "lost."

The administration has called out the attack dogs: everyone from Cheney to the smallest and most inconsequential of pseudonymous bloggers is on the job, calling Reid things like "pig" and "traitor." Reid responded to those attacks yesterday:
"I do what I think is right, and I think this war is headed in the wrong direction," Reid said. "And I'm going to speak out as often and as regularly as I can."

Reid has been an outspoken critic of the president, calling him a loser and a liar in the past.

"I don't back off that at all," he said. "So if you say something that is untrue to me and in the right circumstances, I will call you a liar. I have no regret having called him a liar, because he lied."[1]
This really is the last big play for Republicans. They hope that by attacking Reid personally and in the strongest possible language they can trigger a major shift in public opinion in favor of President Bush and his "plans" for War in Iraq.

I don't think it's going to work out that way. In fact, I think this could backfire on the Republicans.

You see, the vast majority of Americans believe what Reid--frustrated by Bush's refusal to face reality--called the war: "lost." Calling two-thirds of Americans traitors doesn't seem to me like the most politic of moves. Most Americans also believe that Bush, Cheney and Rove have been less than honest about the War in Iraq, the reasons for starting it, and the progress of the war since. Layered on top of that is the long record of dishonesty Bush, Cheney, and Rove have on practically every other issue they've touched. Then layer on top of that the fact that all three are chickenhawks. Then top it all off with the Republican scandals that seem to break at the rate of two or three a week. Put all that together and it becomes obvious why the Republican Party has a serious credibility gap.

Who do you trust?

Let's recap: the Republican Party is making its big move based on supporting a war two-thirds of Americans oppose and its point man--Dick Cheney--is someone two-thirds of all Americans hate and regard as a liar.

Good luck with that.

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deadissue.com said...

Hey - saw your comment on deadissue, thanks for stopping by! I was hoping to link up with someone from Virginia, and I'm really excited about what I've read of yours so far. The local stuff is going to be what I link to over at deadissue most often (I'm really energized on the 'straw purchase' issue, and now there's attention being paid to gun sales in general...this is really a bad thing and nobody seems to care).

That said, I can tell you're really putting effort into your blog and I look forward to reading your work!

On to Harry Reid, here's my analysis:

What I’m counting on is the fact that he’s cemented the votes needed for subsequent Iraq bills…meaning, when Bush vetoes this one and is presented a second one with less along the lines of deadlines and requirements, though still language to that effect, it will become even harder for Bush to pull his ‘poor troops’ nonsense. By the second bill, the writing will be on the wall and if he vetoes that, and the funding runs out…

It’ll be awfully difficult for him to get around it, because you’ll have (my educated guess) Republicans making it happen: Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John Warner (possible), Gordon Smith (possible)…not going to get much more than that…in fact, Reid may simply have the top three (Hagel-Snowe-Collins), but that would be enough to secure 51 every time without Lieberman’s vote and Tim Johnson still recovering from heart surgery following his stroke.

As long as he’s got his Democratic ducks in a row and 3 GOP votes secured (and if they haven’t buckled under the pressure from RNC and the WH thus far, they aren’t going to w/out some new unacceptable language being added…as long as the language is less binding each time around, they’ll be there), he can run his mouth all day and night, take Bush’s veto and send up another bill…

I originally posted his middle finger picture in hopes that he’d find that side of himself at this crucial juncture, and he clearly has.

The beltway is throbbing with predictions of him being beaten up by allies, but if you match up his words with Hagel’s…Hagel’s might actually be harsher.

That’s what he’s got going for him right now…the RIGHT allies on the other side. Maine is NOT equivalent to a midwestern state, and Hagel is a rock…he’s got this in his heart and knows he’s right.

Reid did not take back a single word, and as long as he doesn’t do that (even though right-wing pundits have been saying he did), as long as he doesn’t provide the GOP with a backtracking sound-bite…this is going to swing our way more and more with each passing day.

This is a professional move right here, unlike any I’ve seen from this party in a LONG time!

(from a comment in Harry Reid's Stepping Up)