Friday, April 27, 2007

Giuliani dealt a stunning rebuke!

Rudy Giuliani's ears have to be burning right now, and not in a good way. People are talking about Giuliani all right, in extremely unflattering terms.

Take the stunning rebuke delivered today by Ted Koppel:
"Rudy Giuliani has, for a couple of months now, argued that he is the best candidate to be our next president because he performed so well as mayor of New York in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

All right. But now he's taken that assertion one step further — I would argue, one step too far. It was the other evening in New Hampshire, that Giuliani said that if the Democrats are elected in 2008, the country will "suffer more losses" from terrorism.

Once again, a Republican candidate for president — currently the leading Republican candidate for president — is making what is really an outrageous charge. It is no less outrageous now than it was when George Bush used it to win re-election in 2004. But it worked back then; and clearly Mr. Giuliani thinks that he, too, can ride this pony to the White House."
You have to read or listen to this entire opinion piece. Koppel eviscerates Giuliani and the Bush administration.

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Beltway Progressive said...

Hey Guiliani, Could the terrorists have chosen New York in part because they knew the police and the fire fighters had not been provided with the same radio frequency and that firefighters were using 1960s walkie-talkies and therefore could not communincate during an emergency? Most firefighters inside the towers didn't hear orders to evacuate because the radios malfunctioned.