Saturday, April 21, 2007

A different take on Fred Thompson

Some conservatives seem to regard Fred Thompson as the secret conservative saviour who leap out at the last moment and save their movement. Not so fast, says John Dickerson of
I have been fascinated and a little puzzled by the mooning over a Thompson candidacy. The swooners are legion, and their love blinds them to problems that would count as black marks against any of the other Republicans currently running. Here are a few blemishes that Republicans overlook in their infatuation with this smoldering president-type:

His past McCain habit: Before the Thompson boomlet, the fastest way to excite a room full of conservatives was to mention John McCain's name. They just don't like him. They may have qualms about Romney and Giuliani, but they regard McCain as a political traitor. Thompson co-chaired McCain's 2000 presidential campaign and was his ally when the two served in the Senate.

He supported campaign-finance reform: When conservatives list their grievances against John McCain, the first is usually the McCain-Feingold legislation that restricted unlimited donations to political parties. They see it as an unconscionable attack on free speech. Thompson co-sponsored that legislation!

He was soft on Clinton: News flash: A lot of movement conservatives really, really dislike Bill Clinton. During Clinton's impeachment trial, Thompson was one of only five Republicans who voted not to convict him for perjury. It wasn't the sex; it was the "rule of law" at stake. No other Republican would live that vote down so easily. Just a few weeks ago, fellow conservative Newt Gingrich explained that the Clinton perjury charge was so deadly serious that it inspired him to ignore the hypocrisy of his own ongoing extramarital relationship at the time.
The reason Thompson looks so good to so many is that they only have the haziest idea of who Thompson really is and what he's really like. He's staying out of the race for now because he wants to postpone having to define himself--and thereby adding himself to the list of disappointing GOP candidates.

You can read Dickerson's complete post here.


Courtney Bailey said...

I am amazed at this! Thompson voted to convict Clinton on obstruction, but that is not good enough.

The problem with McCain is that he is and has been disloyal. Reports about him considering jumping parties in 2000. Why would I vote for that?

Thompson is a federalist and not just concentrating power in the federal government. Learn more about Fred Thompson.

I voted twice for Fred Thompson. I did not agree with all of his votes, but he is so much better than Giuliani, McCain or Romney.

Winghunter said...

John Dickerson is either an idiot or a liar and I don't pretend to know which;

Reform That Has Really Paid Off
By Norman Ornstein and Anthony Corrado Jr.
Sunday, April 1, 2007

Chris Wallace Interview with Fred:,3739.0.html

Clinton Impeachment;

With his baseless accusations proven as mindless by factual sources, Dickerson demonstrates through his article that he is either an idiot or a liar. If you care enough to ask him, by all means but, I couldn't care less.